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BJJONLINE.NET  introduces Prof. “little” Tony Pacenski- Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 3rd Degree Black Belt & Master of Education-  His passion for the last 20 years has been practicing, competing and teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  With great international success with instructional videos, dvds and seminars, he has helped many people discover the connections between traditional and modern Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

said, “little” Tony’s a unique F’ N”Guy…And We Were Blown Away…The Most Passionate Jiu-Jitsu Guy We Ever Talked Too!”

Pacenski has the unique ability to apply and teach jiu-jitsu techniques that are considered the traditional schools of thought in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu because of the teaching methods and curriculums taught to him by Grand Master Helio Gracie, Master Rorion Gracie, Relson Gracie,  Rickson Gracie and Royce Gracie.

While in additional he can express the modern schools of thought as practiced today due to his later discoveries affiliated with Saulo Riberio, Xande Riberio and the big transition to the Carlson Gracie Team lineage on the BJJ Revolution Team under Prof. Rodrigo Mederios & Master Julio “Foca” Fernandez.  And best of all because Tony resides in Southern California, he has been blessed to gain small group and private instruction by members of the Atos team when they first came to the USA.

Having such a rich history in Jiu-Jitsu and completing a Master’s Degree in Education in Curriculum & Instruction, today Tony can be found in Redondo Beach, California teaching group classes on basic self-defense and the classic strategies of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, yet on another day be asked to teach a seminar in Mexico on the finder details of the modern 50/50 Guard and Sao Paulo Approach to Passing the Guard.

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In The Academy
One major problem the Tony found during this years of experience in jiu-jitsu has been the lack of organized curriculum based instruction in academies around the world.  Many teachers of jiu-jitsu are guilty of teaching whatever they want on any given night in their schools.  It happens everyday.  “Tonight we are going to work on the Triangle Choke!”

On Instructional DVDS
In the instructional video/dvd market, too many instructors do the same and are guilty as well by teaching in isolation.  Students receive dvds that are a “Mixed-Bag” of techniques from one position or technique to the other.  Many times dvd sets that are packaged have a small amount of good jiu-jitsu on them; however, are broken up in 6 to 10 dvd disc.  And by design the fee for such information is marked up!

Membership Sites
Finally as far as the membership sites that are popping up in jiu-jitsu, many websites are very limited in instructional content and/or are overwhelming to the point where students get lost!

Also, there are many jiu-jitsu instructors doing the “Buy my DVD or Start my Membership Site for a very low cost trick!”  After the first month purchase, you are billed monthly at a much…much… higher cost!  A lot of good people are getting tricked and burned from this type of pressure selling, marketing and business practice.  The very small fine print is in english; however, many of do not speak english, do not read english or understand these types of sales tactics.  It is getting worst in the Jiu-Jitsu Community!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Online

“little” Tony has always had one objective since developing instructional DVDs & a Membership Site; and that was to teach specific topics of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that everyone regardless of ability could understand and apply. The FAIXA PRETA SERIES or “Black Belt Series” and THE BJJ SEMINAR SERIES has done just this by internationally reaching students in Brazil, Peru, Japan, Canada, Australia, United States, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Italy, Germany, England, Eastern European Counties, even as far a South Africa!

At this time, “little” Tony personally invites you to experience online Martial Arts & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Education at a fair price as always!  You will find his teaching methods, techniques and strategies of Martial Arts and business practices a welcome change.  You will now have access to great supplemental instruction and make great jumps in your Martial Arts Journey…Get Started Now! 





Disclaimer: Anyone practicing the techniques presented on this website does so at his or her own risk. Anthony J Pacenski Jr and his affiliates assume no responsibility for any injuries that may occur as a result of practicing the techniques. The pictures in conjunction with the text are for illustrative purposes only. It is essential to practice these techniques only under the immediate and direct supervision of a qualified instructor. Please note, practicing Jiu Jitsu and other Martial Arts is a serious endeavor. Any techniques demonstrated on this website are for use of those thoroughly trained. Practicing the techniques incorrectly could result in serious bodily injury or death. Always consult with a physician before embarking on any demanding physical activity.